If your experiencing performance issues with the remote desktop server there are several things you can check...

Internet issues

Remote Desktop connections require a good internet connection with consistent performance, typically symptoms of poor internet performance will include:

  1. Lag - when typing in an email or document the screen is slow to update, often you have typed a word or two more than is shown on the screen
  2. Disconnect - you frequently get disconnected from the remote desktop server
  3. Slow - There is a delay of several seconds when clicking on something and the click being reflected on your screen

Try rebooting your router or accessing the remote desktop from an alternative internet connection.

Stale sessions

When did you last log off? Disconnecting from the remote desktop by closing the remote desktop window or clicking the x does not log you off. Over time this causes more and more resources to be consumed in your connection. We recommend logging off every 24 hours if possible.

To log off from the remote desktop ensure you have first saved and closed all your open work, then click the windows start button and choose log-off.

Tabs, lots of tabs!

Having open multiple tabs in your internet browser can consume a great deal of memory, close old and unused tabs in your internet browser. Having lots of programs open at the same time can also have the same effect.

More staff

Has your company grown and you now have more staff using the remote desktop? If so you may need additional resources assigned, please contact the Support Desk to see if this is the case. Additional costs may apply.

It's still slow

Please get in touch with us, we can review the resources assigned to your server. We can also offer increased performance by moving all your data to faster disks. Additional costs will apply.