1.  Navigate to the Email Signature window within CRM via the Set Personal Options screen, on the Email Signatures tab:
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  5. Press the New button to open the New Email Signature window:15
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  7. Give your signature a name and then populate the text area with your desired signature. You can make use of the rich text formatting in order to style your signature. Or, alternatively, you can copy & paste your signature from another application (Word, Outlook etc.):
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  9. Once you are happy with your signature, press Save. At this point, the signature will now be available whenever you create a new email record. However, in order to make the signature appear automatically whenever you draft a new email, you will need to press the Set as Default button:6
  10. If you need to revert this at any point, then you can use the Remove Default button, which replaces the above button:7
  11. Press Save and Close to finish setting up your signature. It will now be visible within the Email Signature subgrid view:
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  13. Now, when you navigate to create a new Email record, your newly created signature will be visible on the email:
  14. If, for whatever reason, you need to select a different Email Signature, then press the Insert Signature button, which will then prompt you to select a new Email Signature to use:1413