When joining a Zoom or Teams meeting you are prompted that microphone is not detected. 

  1. Go to windows settings
  2. System
  3. Sound
  4. Under test your microphone, if you talk does the blue bar appear "
  5. If the blue bar does not appear, in windows settings home page
  6. Go to Privacy
  7. Under App permissions select Microphone
  8. Does it say "Microsoft access for this device is off"
    1. If so click on Change
    2. click on the toggle to On position
    3. click the window behind to close the menu
    4. it should now show "Microsoft access for this device is on"
  9. If it already says it is on
  10. Scroll down to the section that shows Allow desktop apps to access your microphone ensure this is set to on and and Zoom Meetings shows in the list

If you need any assistance with this please contact the Support Desk by calling 0117 933573 or emailing support@spidergroup.co.uk