1) Click on the file menu on the top bar, move the cursor to 'Open' and select 'Other User's Folder'

2) In the 'Folder Type' list, choose 'Inbox, Calendar or Address Book'

3) In the search box, type the name of the user's Mailbox and then select their name in the search results. Then press 'Open'.

The shared Mail folder appears under 'Folders'.


  • If you receive the message "Outlook was redirected to the server autodiscover-s.outlook.com to get new settings for your account." choose 'Always use my response for this server' and select 'Allow'.

  • If you have a shared folder selected in the Folder pane, new items that you create are saved in that shared folder.

  • To remove another user's shared folder from your Folder pane, hold down Control, select the folder, and then choose 'Remove Shared Account'.

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