If you are planning to install Microsoft office suite, and you already have office installed, or you have a new computer that has a version pre-install, it would appear as 'Microsoft office 365' or if it is a multi-language version it would appear as "Microsoft office 365 en us". What we recommend doing is uninstalling that version. You can find the steps on our other article here

  1. Login into https://portal.office.com
  2. Once logged in click on install office app and select install software, this would take you to this page (https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx?source=ohp-ib)

If you have office 365 business essentials only skype for business would be available.

If you have Business Premium you would be able to install the latest version of office.

If you want to check what license you have you can check here