Microsoft's tool, named Intune allows management of devices to ensure they meet a minimum level of security before being able to access company data and resources. The requirements can be customised to suit your business needs but it's common to set the following as a minimum...

  1. Minimum password length and complexity
  2. Device encryption
  3. Windows updates up to date
  4. Anti-virus installed

Intune allows control of Windows 10, Macs, iOS and Android devices, ensuring your company data is secure however end users access it.

Once rolled out, if a user becomes non-compliant (i.e the device no longer meets the policies set) there are some resources below to help them. The user will normally be presented with a message similar to below:

In the event you're non-compliant the first step is to visit your company portal, this should give you more details as to why your device does not meet the policy as pictured, you'll also be linked to resources which can help you to solve the problem.

More help is available for your device by following these links...

In the event you cannot resolve the problem, you can normally carry on working by accessing all your company resources via the web portal: and then contact SpiderGroup Support to help you resolve the issue.