Creating a new team.

First click 'Teams'  on the left side of the app, then click 'Join or create a team' at the bottom of your teams list. 

You'll then be given the option to 'Create a team'

The choose 'Build a team from scratch'

You will then be presented with two options for the team dependant on what restrictions you'd like to put in place.

A private team will mean that only people who are invited can view and access the conversations and content with the team.

A public team allows all members of your organisation to join and view the content within the team without the need to be invited.

This setting can also be changed after the team has been created if need be.

After choosing which type of team you want, you will be asked to give the new team a name and description.

Once created, it will prompt to start adding people into the team, however you can come back to this later if you don't want to add people right now.

Creating a new channel.

If you click the 3 dots next to your newly created team, you are able to add additional channels to it, and modify some settings regarding the team.

After clicking 'Add channel' you will be prompted to add a name and description for the channel. Both of these can be changed at a later date.

The new channel you have created will then appear in the list of channels under your team.