Huawei devices have very strict battery optimization and background process killing policies. Therefore, for Company Portal, Outlook and Authenticator apps to work properly on Huawei devices, it is necessary to do the following configurations so that the device can still check in with Intune regularly.

Open Company Portal app, top left corner, settings, turn off Battery optimization.

Open Phone Settings, Application, Application startup management (Battery - App Launch), find Company Portal, Outlook, Authenticator(if installed), turn on manual management/disable auto management (allow self -start, allow triggered start, allow backend running) for these apps. (The wording for these options varies between devices, 'Auto launch', 'secondary launch', 'run in background', for example).

(you may want to do the same for Teams as well)


The solution would be to re-install and re-enroll to Company Portal, re-install and re-sign in to Outlook. After configuring the above 2 settings on Huawei devices, there should be no issues in the future.