1. Open the OneDrive folder and move the cursor into the little box to the left of the desired folder you would like to share.


2. Once the box is ticked, hover the cursor over the same folder and right click so a small menu appears.


3. When the menu appears, move the cursor to ‘Share’ and click onto there.


4. On the share page, click onto people with [Insert Company Name] ‘with the link can edit’.


5. From there click onto your desired share settings, either ‘Anyone with the link’, ‘People in [Insert Company Name] with the link’, ‘People with existing access or ‘Specific People’.


6.Once you have selected the share settings, move the cursor down to ‘Allow editing’ and click. Then press ‘Apply’.


7.From there you can either type in the email address and send it directly to them or you can press onto ‘Copy link’ and send the link to the recipient to open.