Teams can often forget or change your devices. There are some steps below to check your current device settings.

1, Click the three dots in the top left of Teams, next to your portrait

2, Select Settings

3, Select Devices from the options on the left hand side

In this menu, you have the availability to check and change your devices. Scrolling all the way to the bottom of this many gives you the option to change your camera and, if Teams detects a camera, will show you a preview. 

In this menu, you also have the option to make a test call. This will test your audio input and output and will ask you to record a short voice message, if it detects audio it will then play it back to you to confirm that your microphone is working.


Make sure Teams is updated by selecting the three dots in the top left and selecting Settings

Make sure Windows is fully updated. You can check this by opening the Windows settings and navigating to Update & Security

From here, select Check for updates

If Teams is not detecting your camera, open the Camera app within Windows 10, does your video display here?