Outlook can sometimes encounter issues sending certain attachments, displaying them as a winmail.dat file instead of the original file type.

Altering the text format is the best way to resolve this issue.

To do this:

1) Open Outlook and click on "File" at the top left hand corner of the page and select "Options".

2) From here select the "Mail" tab which will allow you to alter the format in which emails are composed.

3) Navigate to the option for "Compose Messages". The default setting is "HTML" and you will need to change this to "Plain Text" from the drop down options. this setting ensures that all emails will now be sent using this text format. 

4) Click Ok to save your settings and return to Outlook

If you have any issues with the above, please give our support team a call on 01179330573 or alternatively you can email support@spidergroup.co.uk